Wasabi on Blast

When and how often do I get my Blast points?

  • Blast points are accumulating as normal and can be viewed on your Blast airdrop dashboard as well as directly on Wasabi. Blast Gold is distributed as soon as it is received from Blast. Currently any unlocked multipliers get applied as soon as your points reach your Blast dashboard.

What is Blast Gold? Am I earning it?

  • Half of the Blast airdrop will be allocated to Blast Gold holders. Blast Gold is distributed manually by Blast to dApps like Wasabi. By being active on Wasabi, you become eligible for Blast Gold from Wasabi.

What percentage of Blast Gold will be distributed to the community?

  • 100% of Blast Gold that Wasabi earns will be distributed to the community, based on Wasabi points earned.

Do I need to bridge my Wasabi Pass?

  • No. Your ETH mainnet Wasabi passes are being recognized for your trade activity on Blast, as well as Mainnet. A UI update will soon be pushed to reflect them on Blast - but don’t worry, they are being counted for your boost!

Do I receive the native yield from Blast while my assets are in Wasabi vaults?

  • Yes, you receive the native Blast yield for USDB & ETH on top of the Wasabi native APR.

How do I unlock the Blast points Multiplier?

  • Unlocked by interacting with Wasabi on-chain in any capacity after the multiplier has been announced by Blast. The multiplier is applied to your Blast points on your blast.io dashboard once these points are sent from Wasabi.

When is the next Gold distribution?

  • Blast distributes Gold semi-regularly. Whenever Wasabi receives Gold, it is allocated to users soon after. Distributions by Blast are expected to happen every few weeks.

Why does the Blast dashboard show that Wasabi hasn’t distributed all Gold?

  • All Blast Gold that Wasabi earns goes to Wasabi’s users. It’s a manual claim and there’s a 24 hour wait after claiming. Some users haven’t gotten around to claiming it yet, but it will remain available for them to do so.

Is it too late to get Blast points? It shows that Wasabi distributed close to 100% of Blast points.

  • You’re not late! Blast points are generated continuously through USDB and ETH holdings, Wasabi passes these on to users who are exposed to USDB or ETH through vaults or open trades every single hour, which is why at all times close to 100% of all the Points historically made available to Wasabi have already been sent out.

How do I maximize Gold yield?

  • Be an active Wasabi user. Deposit into vaults, keep your funds deposited, leverage trade, share & refer. Loyal & longtime Wasabi users will be rewarded. Consistency is key to earning the spiciest rewards.

Are Wasabi points directly correlated with Blast Gold?

  • Yes, Wasabi points are used to calculate Blast Gold distribution.

Do referrals increase Blast Gold received?

  • Yes, referral points earned are included in Blast Gold distributions.

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