Wasabi Points

What are Wasabi points?

  • Wasabi points are the native reward system of Wasabi. Wasabi points may lead to something potentially significant in the future.

How do trading volume & points correlate?

  • Various factors like boosts, consistency & profitability are considered to reward our best & most consistent traders. We’re not revealing the exact math behind points to protect our genuine users.

Why do I have 0 LP points?

  • Wasabi LP points are valuable! With smaller deposits (<0.2 ETH) it might take a bit until you get to your first full LP point.

How often are points distributed?

  • Wasabi points are distributed every 24 hours.

What are the other factors besides volume?

  • We optimized the algorithm to reward genuine, consistent traders who pay close attention. Furthermore, the Wasabi Pass boosts trading points and there are limited time boosts which can be unlocked every now and then, so keep an eye out on our socials.

What do I gain from referring people? Where can I track my referrals & rewards?

  • You gain a 10% bonus on Wasabi points generated by users that join Wasabi using your referral link. A dashboard that will allow you to easily track your Wasabi referrals is currently being developed.

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