Earn [Stake]

Deposit tokens you want to hold long term and accumulate into Wasabi's vaults to earn low risk interest.

Staking is a way of earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies, and it has the best PMF in DeFi. However, "a way of earning" has mostly been through opaque mechanisms, and "certain cryptocurrencies" are limited to a select few.

Wasabi allows anyone to stake supported long-tail assets and earn without impermanent loss transparently. You don't need to deposit a pair, just the token you want to hold & earn.

How does it work?

Traders on Wasabi borrow money from LPs to long/short with leverage. If the loan is about to go under, their position is liquidated. This ensures LPs always accumulate interest on the initial amount deposited.

Is staking good for the token performance?

Staking also has downstream effects on the token's performance. Holders staking signals to the market that they are long-term investors and reduces the circulating supply that can be sold. Increasing the overall performance of the token.

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