Staking Fractional NFTs

Earn Blast Gold, Wasabi Points, yield and more

Provide Liquidity

Providing liquidity is as simple as navigating to and depositing your fractional tokens.

As traders borrow deposited tokens for leverage, your share of the vault will earn interest in the token deposited and will help reduce the circulating supply of the tokens.

Receive Rewards

Earn passive income in the form of Blast Gold, Wasabi Points, and yield generated from the liquidity pool. The exact yield rate/APR will depend on the pool utilization and the amount of liquidity provided.

Retain Benefits

When you fractionalize and vault your tokens, you retain all existing benefits, including eligibility for airdrops and other incentives like Blast Gold.

This ensures that you continue to enjoy the perks of NFT ownership and everything that comes with it proportionate to your token holdings.

Fractionalizing your NFTs through Wasabi not only enhances liquidity and trading possibilities but also allows you to leverage innovative financial instruments to earn from your digital assets.

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