Collect [404 Terminal]

Seamlessly collect and manage your 404s using Wasabi's collect page

What is a 404?

404 is a hybrid token standard combining fungible tokens and NFTs. Each 1,000 increments of fungible tokens from the 404 contracts will automatically mint an NFT. These increments of fungible tokens and NFTs are inherently connected and “travel with” each other. The connected NFT returns to the contract (stack) when the balance of the tokens falls below 1,000 increments (e.g. 999 tokens).

How is Wasabi's collect page different from other NFT trading platforms?

The collect page interacts directly with fungible tokens on AMM (e.g. Thruster, Uniswap) liquidity pools while allowing users to see into the NFT stack. The collect page renders the NFT that will pop when the user buys the next 1,000 increments of fungible tokens on the AMM. This combines the liquidity of token trading and the experience of NFT collecting in a single interface. Providing users with the tightest bid and ask spreads and deepest liquidity while collecting NFTs.

NFT Stack Depth

NFTs on the collect page are listed by their "depth" in the contract stack. The deeper an NFT is in the stack, the larger the sweep required to pop it.

Sweeping NFTs

Traders can sweep NFTs to unlock the next one in line, collecting the top of the stack first. The sweep function purchases increments of 1,000 fungible tokens at a time, thereby popping the NFTs from the stack.


  • Buy: Easily track which NFT will be popped next from the stack and snipe rares.

  • Sweep: Quickly and easily purchase multiple NFTs from the stack.

  • Sell: Choose which NFTs to sell while keeping the ones you like.

  • Stake: Choose NFTs to stake to earn yield and additional rewards.

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