Liquidity Aggregation

Wasabi aggregates liquidity across NFT-FI protocols to offer the best terms and deepest liquidity to traders.

Why is liquidity aggregation important?

Liquidity fragmentation is a major issue in the NFT market, there are dozens of protocols across the NFT ecosystem and they each hold various amounts of liquidity. This makes it difficult for the NFT market to properly scale as traders cannot easily access the liquidity they need.

How does Wasabi’s Liquidity Aggregation solve this?

Through aggregating liquidity across protocols, Wasabi powers its products with all available liquidity in the market: seamlessly matching buyers with the most favorable terms across all NFT protocols to provide them with long and short exposure. Through partnering with the top lending platforms, spot marketplaces, and fractionalization protocols, we enable Wasabi users to access all available liquidity in the market.

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